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Outdoor Workouts Spinning Events Nordic Walking Personal Training Circuits
Fit Breaks Bleep Fit Nordic Workshops Give it a twirl Gallery Gallery II
Fit Breaks Bleep Fit Nordic Workshops Give it a Twirl Gallery Gallery II

What do I need to wear?
Sensible training shoes, some comfy clothing and layers for the colder weather. It is advisable to bring a light weight rainproof jacket.

What do I need to bring with me?
As little as possible, a bottle of water, a small towel & something to lie on if the ground is damp when we do ab exercises. Please be aware any personal belongings will be your responsibility. Above all a sense of humour!

Are the workouts suitable for both male & female?
Absolutely. We welcome everybody aged 16 and above regardless, gender ability, & size.

What happens with the outdoor training sessions if it rains?
There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes and bad attitude!! Being outside is great for our mind as well as our bodies and most of us take showers after training, so we encourage people to train outside whatever the weather. It’s great fun and very invigorating and makes a pleasant change from working out inside. However in extreme weather such as thunder & lightning, where client’s safety is at risk, workouts will be cancelled. If in doubt please contact your trainer.

Will I get muddy?
There is a possibility! However in extreme conditions there is usually a hard court or indoor alternative at most of our venues.

What happens when it’s hot?
Always make sure you are well hydrated, slap on the sun cream, slip on something cool, not forgetting your hat. Most of our workouts are either early morning or evening avoiding the main heat of the day. Wherever possible we will endeavour to workout in the shade of the many beautiful trees that surround most of our venues.

I am Pregnant. What exercise do you recommend?
Pregnant woman are welcome to our workouts, so long as they were exercising before and have no known complications or problems. All workouts have low impact friendly options.

I have just had a baby. What exercise do you recommend?
It varies from women to women so it’s essential to have a chat with us before joining in the outdoor workouts. Some Personal Training sessions are advisable to give you confidence, sort out technique and spot any weaknesses. But generally speaking, most women who have had a baby without major complications can do most exercise within a few months.

If I bring a child/baby to training sessions do you provide child care?
No. Although we do welcome babies and children to outdoor sessions, however you are responsible for them. You may want to think about pairing up with a few mums so you can look after each other’s children on a rotation basis.

I have not taken part in regular exercise for a while. Do I have to be fit? Are your workouts suitable for me?
Absolutely, all our workouts are Safe, Fun, & Effective, suitable for all abilities. You work at your own level, there are always low impact alternatives, likewise should you wish to be pushed we will drive you to your goal. Regardless of your fitness levels we will always motivate and support you, not bully you. All our clients are required to complete a PAR Q
Click here to download a pre–exercise questionnaire

I am over fifty, is there an age limit?
Definitely not, as long as you are over 16, we welcome all ages. All clients are required to complete a PAR Q
Click here to download a pre–exercise questionnaire

Important occasionally the ground can be uneven in places, so please watch your feet for any unexpected dips or bumps. Whilst we make every effort to provide a safe environment for you to exercise at EcoFitness and any of the relevant councils responsible for the land, cannot be held liable for any damage or injury. The areas we choose are supposed to be dog doo free, please scan the area just in case. EcoFitness or relevant councils cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property. Please do not leave valuables in your car.

''Nordic Walking. This really works, I am toning up, getting fitter and losing weight. Don't be put off by the image, I thought this was an easy option just for older people, but it really gets results and is a lot of fun. More sociable than running and a great way to explore the local countryside.

Fitness Ramble. This is a challenging workout making use of what nature provides. Jennie & her team have us using tree trunks for push ups, running through fields ( only occasionally chased by cows!) and whatever other tortures she can think up. The sessions are a great way to start or end the day as Jen motivates you to work harder than you thought we could ( all with a smile) and all out in the beautiful local countryside. We often see deer, birds of prey and all sorts of wildlife on the early morning sessions which make it even more worth getting up early for.

General. Jen is a great motivator and is wonderful at getting the best from all levels of fitness. The groups are of mixed ability, but Jen makes sure that you are challenged if you are fit and works with you if less fit so no one ever feels left out. The groups are really social and a great way of meeting people. I really can't recommend Jen and her team enough if you want to get fit, get out in the countryside and meet new friends. '' Sarah

''I’ve been lucky enough to experience the work of some of the top personal trainers in the UK, but I never expected to find the best one of all in leafy Somerset. Forget fad diets and detoxes, Jennie’s warm but no-nonsense approach to fitness will finally get you the bikini body you’ve always craved. I don’t know what I’d do without her!'' Sharon Hendry Senior Feature Writer, The Sun

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