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Outdoor Workouts Outdoor spinning Events Nordic Walking Personal Training Circuits
Outdoor Workouts Spinning Events Nordic Walking Personal Training Circuits
Fit Breaks Bleep Fit Nordic Workshops Give it a twirl Gallery Gallery II
Fit Breaks Bleep Fit Nordic Workshops Give it a Twirl Gallery Gallery II


are an excellent, fun way to improve mobility, strength and stamina.

The circuit training set-up consists of a group of exercises that are completed one after another. Each exercise is performed for a prescribed time before moving on to the next exercise

  • Suitable for all fitness levels, exercises can be adjusted to suit age and ability
  • Circuits are a simple, fun way to shape up and improve fitness, each session is different
During the summer months we alternate Circuit training and Fitness Ramble on Tuesday evenings.

Please email: for details of the current timetable

''Sessions are motivational, fun for everyone and never the same! You will improve your fitness. Jennie is total a inspiration'' Tina

''I’ve been lucky enough to experience the work of some of the top personal trainers in the UK, but I never expected to find the best one of all in leafy Somerset. Forget fad diets and detoxes, Jennie’s warm but no-nonsense approach to fitness will finally get you the bikini body you’ve always craved. I don’t know what I’d do without her!'' Sharon Hendry Senior Feature Writer, The Sun

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